Tisket Tasket Poster

Rub A Duck Poster

Rick Said So Poster

Loose Gravel Poster

Loose Gravel Bios

Loose Gravel Poster

Frank Wo/Men Collective Logo

Totalitarians Banner

Totalitarians Banner

Totalitarians Banner

Seton Hospital Transformer logo

Seton Business Cards

Diem Sportswear

repeating 17 camouflage.

Graduation Announcement

Experimental Arm Collage

summer peaches

Summer Peaches

Circle Mirror Transformation

Octopus Swiss Army Logo

Show Poster


Nasa ID

Prop ID for Middletown

Newsprint Fun

Experimentation with Newsprint Media.

Our Lady of 121st Street Poster

Digital Old Age

Making a 21 year old appear 45.

"Evolution" Digital scroll

vellacitos Logo Experimentation

book cover

VALLECITOS Business Card Mock up

John Tejada Poster


"Life" Digital collage

Scans of water color texture.

Cold Water Poster

Hype Poster

"DEATH" Digital collage

Cold Water : An Original Play

Info Graphic Experimentation

Information Graphic Experimentation

Santa Fe Post Card


Some of my first Graphic Design work.

Confusing Campus Map

The front of a chaotic and confusing map.


The Little Shop of Horrors

Some of my first Graphic Design work.

The Odd Couple

Some of my first Graphic Design work.

Fake Money

An Old Technical Director's Face on stage money.